The Poet And The Private Eye – Reviews and Reactions

Naomi Garnault has written in the New Welsh Review

‘Rob Gittins’s second novel is a refreshing cocktail of facts and fiction . . Rob Gittins reminds us how Thomas’s words managed to hit for a global audience’

Wiliam Owen Robert, author of Petrograd, the Wales Book of the Year winner, has written –

‘This is a gripping story in the hard boiled style of Dashiell Hammett which takes a highly original look at the unravelling of Dylan Thomas’s chaotic life and ultimate death through the unlikely perspective of an American gumshoe. But central to the novel is the sheer unfathomability of human desires and motives as well as the unknowability of genius; and how the power of Dylan’s poetry is ultimately a force for hope, reconciliation and even redemption in the lives of the people it touches’

T. James Jones, poet, playwright, former Archdruid of Wales and translator of Under Milk Wood, has written –

‘Rob Gittins’s compelling novel values truth above what is simply true – at the same time as declaring that death really does have no dominion’

Gwyneth Lewis, the inaugural National Poet of Wales, has written –

‘Rob Gittins’s charming, half-factual, evocation of Dylan Thomas’s last days explains how poetry can both ruin and save your marriage, shorten your days and yet gives others a future. This is an unusual account of why poetry comes to matter to a gumshoe and, by extension, ordinary people worldwide’

Menna Elfyn, acclaimed poet, has written –

‘A remarkable parable of human frailty and brilliance, with the private eye bearing witness to the loneliness of the long-distance poet’

Deborah Gilbert has written on her blog –

Another book high on my recommendation list is The Poet and the Private Eye by Rob Gittins . . this is a great read and Gittins is a brilliant storyteller’

Rob Gittins